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The Best Penny Stock Dip Buy Pattern Strikes Again

The Best Penny Stock Dip Buy Pattern Strikes Again

good morning it is about to open the stock market that is I'm a little bit out of it because I'm trading from the west coast for a few days I got my free webinar later tonight this guy says you were right about MTV CMT VC I thought about going long the mortgage is open I thought about going wrong overnight but there was a risk of financing and it turned out they just reported earnings which which turned out to be pretty good I didn't know that they were going to report earnings but yeah this is a potential buy this one's right ran in the past P RTO is also a potential buy but the biggest watcher right now is V pas which should fall apart and I'm excited to watch it with you that's why I'm doing this live video there's no chairs too short this one has been on my watch list for sweeps just you know being promoted and it's just a question of when is he going to crash and we had a crash before which was a good gift buying opportunity I don't know about now you know I mean it it's going to crash right now down 9% in the next 10 to 15 minutes it'll probably be down 20% or down fibers on actually there's still one bidder I don't know who's buying right here they're absolutely insane they issued a press release I love this pop-up there's too many events we'll see it in a second it's going to keep dropping and I want to show you that they issued a press release last night saying they were unaware of the promotion which is total so they just don't want to go to jail this is how socks crash and there's no chairs too short let me remind you otherwise I would be sure right now there haven't been chairs in Shore for a few days because everybody wants a short this because it's up so much let's just review this pattern Wow MTDC is up to 290 I guess I should have bought that but this this doesn't happen very often where you have this this kind of multi week pump I mean this has been going up literally almost every single day for a month and this is uh this is just an absolute absolute crash waiting to happen so this is why I like ten scoffs you know how it's going to end if you can read my watch list the past few days you know that I said this is going to be a big time crash how did I know because every other penny stock promo has crashed in the same manner and they usually all crash in the morning people wake up too you know in this case negative news but sometimes it's when you know there's just panic and the promo is just dead MTV CT scaling I really should be long that stock but I gotta focus on this sometimes I'm going to miss a stock in order to teach and this is going to be a fascinating morning panic so within this case there's no chairs in shorts sometimes there are shares of shorts you might have seen in some of my past videos where I've shorted this and I've ridden you know the tsunami of sellers is what I call it but I just want you to watch and see how quickly it drops because this is what you know keeps happening this pattern will happen again and again and again and you just have to be ready for it where even though in this case there's no chairs too short it's alright it's not the end of the world they're still potential did buy you know that that's a pattern that I like I got to charge my laptop ah in this case there's no no chairs too short let me just remind you but I want you to see how freaking beautiful this is holy crap MTV sees up to 370 you're killing me you are freaking killing me the one day MTV see big spike I miss doing live video lesson on the past morning tennis which is the big spike he's the big squeeze for MTV see it's an earnings winner Congrats too long but see pas remember look at this we're down just a few percent now it's even more how did I know because I've seen this play again and again this is nothing new unfortunately there's no shares to short this time but I want you to see it I want you to see what it looks like sometimes there are going to be shares too short okay sometimes there's going to be there's going to be a fantastic win for me and I film I don't know how many dozens of videos like this want you to see what it looks like on the level two so when you see you know when I'm talking about a wall of cellars I'm talking about this this is stocks to trade software meanwhile MTDC was the perfect morning citation I should have been filming that but I yeah but I want you to see what a morning panic was like and now this one you know might be a potential dip I but the press release was so so negative normally I like did buying lately I've been dipped buying these kind of morning parents but I think on this one I I'm just going to do nothing I'm not sure if it's going to bounce at all because we're sucking negative press release hold on let me pull it up this was the press release last night on CTA s OTC markets inform the company that it became aware of a promotional newsletter the company is unaware of the effect on the trading activity oh we just thought that our stop should go off every single day for a month because we're good we had no idea there was any newsletter promoting us the company is unaware of the full nature and content of promotional newsletter so their lawyers are making them save it the company is not aware of the promotional materials blah blah blah after the inquiry the company states definitively and its officers and directors and its controlling shareholders has not directly or indirectly authorised have been involved with the creation of its emotional material the promotional material the author's spoken to management despite a statement in the promotional material that the author's spoken to management there is no contest furthermore the promotional material asserts that a 30 million dollar investment was given to the company that it's not the case so they're basically saying that this whole promotion is a total lie we we have nothing to do with it we know nothing please don't sue us please don't put us in jail that's legally what that person we said so if this stock is crashing on its own with no negative news and you just do this kind of price action I'm interested in that but because the PR was so bad I don't want to dip by this and you know I do wish there were here's a short but I also have a whole music video called no Baro no cry so it's really not the end of the world this is an educational example sometimes things don't line up you know sometimes there's no shares too short there haven't been any shares in order to any broker for several days you know there's nothing you can do I tried to put it in order at interactive now so now it actually might dip by it might bounce but I'm not going to I'm not going to try it because this is such a negative negative piece of news and I probably should get by but I can't I can't do it in any good this is my kind of pattern so sometimes you you find that you're you get boxed out of patterns I'm boxed out from shorting because there's no shares too short and I'm boxed out of doing wrong because you know frankly it deserves to go down 25% in this case it might still bounce you know so mt BC I probably should have bought you make mistakes you learn your hair I'm not angry you know it's still going to be a lesson for me and in this case maybe maybe there still should be a dip by but I'm curious to see how this is going to act and I don't need to force it I don't need to rush it I don't mind just sitting here and just learning and seeing how this does I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't bounce very much you know like the other place so far we bounce 10 10 cents a share but it wouldn't surprise me if the bounce really isn't that much if you look at this there's lots of sellers here 270 and they're not really getting taken away now the bounce is failing so I'm glad I'm glad I didn't dip by you see now look at this it's turning around so now it's taking out the bidders at 269 367 weak bounce terrible virus you past week bounce attempt no dip by for me yes so you see this is the right pattern but because the news is so bad I'm not going to get by I like good buying morning pants when there's no news you know but this think we should be down 30% today okay should be down more it wouldn't surprise me if this is down 50% by the end of the day so I know you guys want to wait for the perfect pattern and you've been waiting for this kind of crash like well Jim it's a crash what you know this is the pattern we look for why aren't you defying because the news is that okay because the news is really bad and sometimes you're going to wait for a week or a day or even a month for the right clay and for whatever reason it's not going to work out that's trading and I want you to get used to it I want you to get used to me just sitting here watching and learning and trying to understand what the stock is going to do so I can be better prepared the next time you know this is a beautiful beautiful crash and I know happy you don't even understand that you can make money when stocks go down but you can short sale and I have dozens of live videos I have hundreds of videos of me short selling maybe thousands at this point but this play again normally has been a dipthong opportunity but not today because of the negative news you need to think about multiple indicators you can't just focus on the pattern or you you know in some cases you can't just focus on the news you have to think about the news you have to think about the pattern you have seen about everything this is why we have the psych sliding scale this is why I made my Trader checklist guide free so that you can think about multiple indicators too many of you only go into a stop you think about one or two indicators Sentinel the news is going to rub by well why doesn't this stock have you know a good history of spiking Tim this is a great price action there's no news but I love the price action well what's the news what's the catalyst so for me I want everything to come together in this case nothing came together you know there's no shares too short and the news is so bad is not worth a dip by so at least I chose the third option I'm making a live video so that you could see how a morning panic happens pulls it down five 10% to start the day and now it's found 35% so all while I miss em TBC but at least you saw that I was thinking about by MTV because in earnings when were slashed short squeeze I've missed this trade in order to teach about Z pas and it looks like EPS is firing bottoming down you know once I'm down 35% on the day it's tough to go down more but that's not to say that it's necessarily going to bounce either it's kind of I thinking this no-man's land where maybe it bounces and going to finish of the day down like 25% or something but I'm not I'm not doing anything with it just yet so leave a comment below this video if you like this I can do more of these even if I'm not necessarily trading I still think it's educational to learn from the live price action so you can see a stock drop 30% in a few minutes which most people are crazy Wow look at this bounce so this one actually so you had a fade-out bounce and now you have you know a nice 30 cent iShare bounce off the lows that's not bad that's not nothing but I'm still not touching it and I don't need to trade but leave a comment under this video if you like this and say I like live videos for words I like live videos and maybe I'll do some more but I want to show you sometimes when there is no trade too many of you think that you have to trade every day too many of you think that oh it's the right pattern kind of trading oh it's the right news got to trade it no sink more okay think more do less I know it's not a fun thing I know you want to see live trading videos but sometimes there's just no clay and now this latest bounce is failing look at this now the bitter the ass walls getting bigger the bid getting smaller it's going to go back into the two 40s in a second you got to think of this as like a bouncing ball there is no dip by whatsoever here because the news is so bad the best thing that I can do here is just teach you so you can learn you know lies and that's not nothing you know at least this stock is good for something that's kind of why I got into teaching usually okay I mean they're going to make money on a trade or if I lose money it'll be a good lesson or if I don't even trade it you know obvious I can document this there aren't that many days when you get a 30% panic in a few minutes the market has been open for 15 minutes this is the kind excuse me this is the kind of volatility that you know scares everybody away from penny stops but if you get used to it and you see it more often you don't have to be scared I said free market other thing is in a crash William I pre market commentary expenses can you include in your zps video what you look for on level two you're looking for a bounce yeah I think I included but earlier before the market I said MTV CPR tío top potential Spikers I was dead on right about MTV see jianchi I'd be nothing and I said VPS is gonna collapse not sure if it'll be a good dip by those since the PR so gloomy and almost like getting halted like by the SEC so I had the exact right plan the right idea here and this is a good education for you guys anyway I'm going to get into the chatroom maybe maybe I'll make a trade I got to answer some questions though but this is a good video you know I hope I hope that you like it and again if you do like it leave a comment saying I like live videos thank you all right just wanted to film a quick little video like an hour and a half after the first video he pas did that it didn't you know balance where I thought it would you know usually we get these quick morning 10 X so which is a little different again because of the negative news I actually tried treating it and I lost a little money it's ok I lose every now and then it's not the end of the world I cut losses quickly I was trying to dip by than a 250 thinking that with the bottom as it turned out you know it did go up to 280 but it also went down to 2 – ish the low was like to sit I think actually trade has better charts on this one let me pull up my new trade chart yeah yeah yeah so as you can see here you know I thought that this was going to be the bounce and it wasn't I was actually one dip too soon and then it really spiked up here but from the lows 207 you know to 288 let's just see the math that's 81 cents divided by 207 let's go that is wrong / – point seven thirty nine percent baths so it didn't bounce the exact way that it has in the past um frankly I wasn't even sure that it was going to bounce at all I tried a little bit I was wrong a little bit I lost a little bit but I learned and you learn too and now you know some of you guys you know really nailed it um there was that guy uh uh a few people tweeted me this guy sign ESX entered at two thirty three out of 261 left lots and lots on the table geez that's okay okay I've made millions of dollars leaving a ton on the table even if you lost like I lost a little bit you're still learning the beautiful thing is that you keep studying if you keep seeing these tried to plays over and over again you adapt and more times than not you win and that is how you become a millionaire so this is very very good practice the fact that you're even watching this video lesson the fact that you're witnessing this live you saw the morning panic live you know this is a good good day and I lost money but you hear any anger in my voice no okay and some of you guys made 20 30 40 50 60 70 cent for sharing you're like oh it could have made more and they're like anger did you think you have to be perfect let this be a lesson you do not have to be perfect but you do have to be learning and you should be learning and you know see from every single one of these plays what is possible there was a 40 percent bounce here it just wasn't on the first bounce attempt like you know usual so it's not an exact science it's more of an art but you learn to adapt you learn to try your best apparently there were some chairs too short you know timber Tommy we've been shorting some I think he only got like 2,000 shares to short though so there were some shares to short but the better play was the you know 40 percent dip after the first fake-out bounce attempt so this pattern works the dip by pattern works it's just not exact exact like everybody wants it to be but again if you understand the gist of this video on here number will come in I told you to to weave but leave that comment below see you guys in the Chairman thank you my name is Tim site and I teach people to trade stocks I am a self-made multi-millionaire so this is the ideal trade that I'm going to talk about I want you guys to understand every single aspect of this trade

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  1. i like live videos!
    this is definitely very helpful to learn from your approach without the adrenaline of the actual trades you should definitely do more videos like that @tim

  2. Initially as I learned about penny stocks I immediately decided to open my account. Thanks to you, I realized I should not be rushed and I must first learn. For the last few weeks I do not stop learning from the information you provide. I signed up for your challenge and watched your videos. Thanks for all the free information available and keep going in the same spirit.

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