Where Do Market Traders Buy Their Stock

A news-breaking account of the global stock market’s subterranean battles, Dark Pools portrays the rise of the "bots"–artificially intelligent systems that execute trades in milliseconds and use the cover of darkness to out-maneuver the humans who’ve created them.

Size of the market. Stocks are categorized in various ways. One way is by the country where the company is domiciled. For example, Nestlé and Novartis are domiciled in Switzerland, so they may be considered as part of the Swiss stock market, although their stock may also be traded on exchanges in other countries, for example, as American.

If you are just starting to learn about the stock market, watch this video lesson series: The Basics of the Stock Market for New Investors & Beginning Traders

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Stock Market Cycles and Momentum. One of the greatest challenges of day trading, besides learning to tolerate occasional losses, is learning to anticipate cycles of momentum.

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