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“Window Trading” is an innovative and patented way of executing orders that is designed for long-term investors. Instead of being executed immediately, orders are grouped together by side and symbol one or more times per day and executed.

Trading System In Rts Stock Exchange InvestorWords – The Most Comprehensive Investing Glossary on the Web! Over 18000 financial and investing definitions, with links between related terms. The Russian Trading System (RTS) was a stock market established in 1995 in Moscow, consolidating various regional trading floors into one exchange. Stock Options Not Publicly Traded What You Need to Know About Dividing

Accuride Corporation Guidelines for Insider Trading and Unauthorized Use or Disclosure of Confidential Information Amended and Restated January 1, 2007 These guidelines are intended to supplement the Policy on Insider Trading described in Accuride’s Code of Conduct.

The grant or exercise of stock options to purchase the Company’s stock is permitted outside Trading Window Periods (although any sale of such stock outside Trading Window Periods is prohibited unless such sale is made pursuant to an approved Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plan, as discussed below).

This window that restricts employees is to prevent the possibilty of insider trading. There are sensitive times when information is potentially available to employees and they could in theory use this information (non public) and have an advantage trading the stock.

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Stock Option Trading Basics Options – The Basics. Mention the idea of trading options to most investors and you will get comments like ‘those are too risky’ or ‘its gambling’ or ‘I just don’t understand them’. Options are another asset class, and when used correctly, they offer many advantages that trading stocks and ETFs alone cannot. Options are powerful
Stock Options Not Publicly Traded What You Need to Know About Dividing Stock Options in Divorce. One of the more difficult items to divide in divorce is a stock option. An option is a specific type of employment benefit in which the employer company gives the employee an option to buy company stock in the future at a discounted or

cessation of the event in order to enable the security holders and the public to appraise the position of the Issuer and to avoid the establishment of a false market in its securities. In view of the above, the Companies are directed to disclose promptly to the Exchange, all the information in compliance with clause 36 of listing Agreement along with the applicable trading window period. Yours.

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