India National Stock Exchange Trading Hours

National Stock Exchange has a total market capitalization of more than US$ 2.27 trillion, making it the world’s 11th-largest stock exchange as of April 2018. NSE’s flagship index, the NIFTY 50 , the 50 stock index is used extensively by investors in India and around the world as a.

The Exchange may also extend, advance or reduce trading hours when its deems fit and necessary. Note: NSE Clearing may however close the market on days other than the above schedule holidays or may open the market on days originally declared as holidays.

India National Stock Exchange is the 11th largest exchange out of the 79 stock exchanges we track. The National Stock Exchange of India’s Market Capitalization is $2.03 Trillion adjusted US Dollars as of March 2018. Although the primary currency used by the National Stock Exchange of India is the India Rupee (₨).

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How Long is India National Stock Exchange Open? The India National Stock Exchange is open 31.3 hours per week which is average. Most stock exchanges are open 25 to 35 hours per week with 5 days of trading per week. There are several exchanges that are only open 4 days per week and one exchange that is only open 2 days per week.

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